• Hello, friends!

    I am Sergei Bogdanov, the managing partner of Yellow Rocks.vc. I invite you to join the Venture Regatta community and journey with us on one of our upcoming trips!

    Any business is based on trust. Especially venture business. I am sure that the way to build trust is through communities and informal relationships. Many people from the venture crowd are fond of sailing in its various forms, including yachting. We are all brought together by the fact that we are delighted with what we do – the venture business and everything that surrounds it.

    Over the years of working in the venture market, I have met a huge number of interesting, enthusiastic, gambling, intelligent and motivated people with whom you can go all the way (in our case, to the regatta). Unfortunately, an average of about eight people can fit on one catamaran, and there are definitely more people who want to. Therefore, several years ago our team decided to arrange a Venture Regatta that will be able to accommodate at least some of those interested and willing to come with us.

    The main goal of Venture Regatta is to bring together good people and show them the world of yachting. Join us, we will have a great week together!
What awaits you
Become a part of a community of like-minded people
In the schedule for the regatta, we have arranged informative talks on key business and investment topics in the form of Public Talks. If you'd like to suggest a topic, please note it in the registration form, and our team will consider it for the program.
The Venture Regatta participants include venture capitalists, angel investors, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and individuals interested in new experiences and adventures. As we sail together for the week, we form a close-knit community, and casual connections frequently develop into successful business collaborations and friendships.
Share your expertise and experience
If you'd like, our experienced captains can instruct you in all aspects of yachting in just one week - from raising sails to tying nautical knots. Embrace the life of a true sailor while enjoying the comfort and security of our catamarans!
Learn how to sail
Immerse yourself in the unique flora and fauna of different corners of the world where our regattasare held. Explore historical sites, experience regional culture and taste the local cuisine.
Explore the incredible nature of our planet
Why to go
Yachting week in a great company of investors and entrepreneurs
Water activities: swimming, kayaking, snorkeling and sup boarding
Trips and joint activities on land
Acquaintance with local traditions, culture and rituals
Welcome dinner and Afterparty
Board games and informal networking
Closest regattas
Family catamaran trip along the beautiful Turkish coast

July 13−20, 2024

Cabin accommodation (2 adults or 1 adult and 1 or 2 children): €4400
A catamaran journey through the stunning Greek islands of the Dodecanese

September 7−14, 2024

Early-bird prices till June 23, 2024:
Single accommodation in a cabin: €2200
Double accommodation in a cabin: €4100
How it was
Sardinia 2023
Bahamas 2024